Gaston Olguin
Portland, OR - 2019
Workshop Schedule and Pricing

Drop in classes and demonstration at the Thursday night milonga. Week-end workshops.

schedule of classes

July 25, 2019
07:30-8:30pmNorse Hall Milonga drop-in class: Introduction to the basic tango elements.Absolute Beg.
All Levels
$10Norse Hall

Workshops are 75 minutes long and will all be held at: The Treasury Ballroom, 326 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205

July 27, 2019
11:00-2:15pmTango Posture-Stability: Technique to develop stability and a deeper knowledge of your own bodyAll Levels$30The Treasury Ballroom
22:30-3:45pmTango Posture-Axis: Exercises and steps to improve the awareness of your axis and the axis of your partner.All Levels$30
34:00-5:15pmColgadas: Exploring the role of your axis.Int-Adv.$30
July 28, 2019
41:00-2:15pmMoving Axis and Stability in the Pivot.All Levels$30The Treasury Ballroom
52:30-3:45pmLine of Dissocciation: Planeos in every direction and stability of the follower posture.Int.$30
64:00-5:15pmVolcadas: How to lock and unlock volcadas.Int.$30

 NOTE: Workshops are LIMITED to 20 leaders and 20 followers!

When registering to any workshop you will be asked to choose your role.

  • Each workshop is 75 minutes long.
  • All workshops will be held at: The treasury Ballroom, 326 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205.
  • Drop-in Class and demonstration at the Norse Hall Thursday night Milonga.

Workshops fill up fast.
Secure your spot in advance.

Package Deals for Workshops # 1-6

Package A
2 Workshops

Early bird $55

Package B
3 Workshops

Early Bird $83

Package C
4 Workshops

Early Bird $110

Package D
5 Workshops

Early Bird $138

Full Day Package Saturday
Saturday Workshops

Early Bird $80

Full Day Package Sunday
Sunday Workshops

Early Bird $80

Week-end Package
All Workshops

Early Bird $150

Private Lessons

Cost: $100/hour (+$15/hour floor fee)
No partner needed, but if you can bring one, even if you are not sharing the hour.

Gaston will be in town a whole week.
He is available for privates any days besides the days of the workshops.

Arrange  private lessons with Gaston Olguin.

  • Gaston Olguin
    Gaston Olguin, visiting Portland for the first time, is part of the younger generation of dancers coming out of Buenos Aires. He is incredibility skilled and fun in his approach to teaching tango.
  • Check out his Bio
    He trained in ballet and has knowledge of bio-mechanics of the body that he applies extensively in his teaching. He was also part of the first group of dancers teaching and performing at the Queer Tango Festival in Buenos Aires.
  • Schedule of classes.
    His workshops focus on the basics of body awareness in tango and on how to create a very communicative and smooth dance. Don't miss Gaston's workshops and get a taste where tango is heading in the land of the dance.