Gaston Olguin

Gaston Olguin

from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Visiting Portland, OR for the First Time

July 25 – 31, 2018


Gaston Olguin is a very talented teacher and tango dancer. Through his ballet training he was exposed to rigorous dance techniques which helped him develop the current method he uses for teaching tango.

His teaching method includes elements of bio-mechanics which are applied to help students discover the natural movements of their body in the action of the dance.

The specific exercises he uses to improve body awareness are initiated from what he calls the “home position”. Then, without imposing a rigid order to the learning process, he progresses from simple movements to more complex structures. If you are interested in knowing more  about Gaston and his method check his bio here or on his website

Gaston will be teaching workshops on the basics of the movement of the body in Tango. His teaching is precise and simple at the same time. He is talented both in leading and following. I experienced his method when he was working as a support teacher in Luciana Valle’s tango intensivo in Buenos Aires and I found it powerful and effective.

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