Graciela Gonzalez

I am very excited to announce that

Graciela Gonzalez

will be back in Portland, OR

June 14 – 17, 2018




Graciela Gonzalez is a worldwide known tango dancer and teacher. She is particularly highly considered among the traditional milongueros in Buenos Aires who recognize her ability to integrate new pedagogical ideas within the contest of the traditionally elegant tango salon. Her partnership with Pupy Castello, at the beginning of her career, projected her into the incoming wave of the rediscovery of the tango dance in Buenos Aires around the late eighties beginning nineties. Her experience is such that her body memory retains what was to dance with most of the prominent milongueros of all times, most of whom are passed away.
She translated this experience into a very innovative teaching method. Her method brings to the attention of her students their body memory of movements and feelings within their natural posture. From this space she teaches how to guide the dance of both the leader and follower.
She was the first teacher that developed seminars specifically intended to introduce the dancers to a more technical approach to the tango. Now her proposal takes a challenging approach contrasting the tango technique with an approach that she calls the AntiTecnica.

She will be teaching her famous seminar:

 and special workshops revealing the secrets of the old milongueros style of dancing.

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starts on May 23, 2018 and ends on June 13, 2018.