Graciela Gonzalez Biography

Graciela Gonzalez Bio

Graciela Gonzalez is a worldwide known tango dancer and teacher. She is particularly highly considered among the traditional milongueros in Buenos Aires who recognize her ability in integrating new pedagogical ideas within the contest of the traditionally elegant tango salon. Her partnership with Pupy Castello, at the beginning of her career, projected her into the incoming wave of the rediscovery of tango around the late eighties beginning nineties. Her experience is such that her body memory retains what was to dance with most of the prominent milongueros of all times, most of whom are passed away.
She translated her experience into a very innovative teaching method which aims to bring the body memory of movements and feelings into natural body positions that guide the dance of both the leader and follower. She was the first teacher that developed seminars specifically intended to introduce the dancers to a more technical approach to the tango. Now her proposal takes a challenging approach contrasting the tango technique with an approach that she calls the anti-tecnica.

Graciela's Training

Graciela started dancing Argentine tango in 1988. Her teachers, the greatest of Argentine Tango, were Pupi Castello (her most important teacher, with whom she eventually formed a dance partnership that was famous all over the world during 20 years of their teaching and dancing together), Pepito Avellaneda, Antonio Todaro, Gustavo Naveira, Juan Bruno, TetÈ, Martha Anton and Manolo, El Turco Jose', Lampazo, Eduardo Pareja, Nito and Elba among many others.

Her Teaching Method

Graciela’s teaching method is very innovative. A result of years of dedicated studies of body movement and of an analysis of her experiences dancing with milongueros, it has synthesized an objective: to bring the body from the feeling and the physical memory to natural body positions which, through understanding, with time, will become technique to use in tango sequences. Through this pattern the student will be able to create their own “unique” style of dance.
Graciela is one of the most important representatives of a new tango generation.
Her research work made her the original creator of the Followers’Technique (1994) and the Leaders’ Technique (1995) workshops that are recognized and imitated all over the world, including Buenos Aires.
Among her students are well-known professional female dancers Mora Godoy, Lorena Ermocida, Corina de la Rosa , Elina Roldán, Tamara Juhan, Verónica Alvarenga, Vilma Vega, Karina Romero, Nancy Lousan, Florencia Taccetti, Carina Losano, Fernanda Ghi, Monica Spanu, Silvia Rajschmir, Marcela Duran and many others.
Among her male students are the following well-known professional teachers and dancers: Ramiro Gigliotti, Tomás Howlin, Fernando Galera, Horacio Godoy, Marcelo Varela, Guillermo Barrionuevo, Mimmo Spanu, Pino Perria, Federico Rodriguez Moreno and many others.their